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Q: I am an artist, a craftsman, a producer or a merchant. I would like to exhibit / have a stall at the Kaysersberg Christmas market

A: We invite you to contact directly the organization “Noël à Kaysersberg” which is organizing the Christmas market : noelakaysersberg@laposte.net


Q: Do you have the list 2021 of the Kaysersberg Christmas market exhibitors ?
A: Not yet, but click here to download the list of 2020, many exhibitors are faithful to the post every year!


Q: What is the theme of this year’s Christmas exhibit 2021 ?
A: The theme of the exhibition for Christmas 2021 is Christmas baubles and lights ! Click here for more information about this exhibition.


Q : Do you have the list of the Chrismtas church services ?
A : Click here to find all the Christmas church services in our calendar


Q: I will be coming to Alsace between Christmas and New Year’s; will the Christmas markets still be opened ?
A: Several Christmas markets will welcome you in Alsace during this period: click here to find the list of every Christmas market in Alsace.


Q: Are there shuttle buses to visit the Christmas markets around Colmar ?
A: The Christmas Shuttles are back in 2021 to take you to the nearby Christmas markets. For more information on the shuttles, click here.


Q: Is there a regular bus line working on Christmas market days ?

A: The bus line 145 (Colmar - Kaysersberg - Le Bonhomme) works every day except on Sundays and holidays. Beware : During the four Advent weekends, Fridays included (27/11 - 28/11 - 04/12 - 05/12 -  11/12 - 12/12 - 18/12 - 19/12), the ROCADE VERTE and COLLEGE bus stops will be closed in the direction Colmar -> Le Bonhomme


Q: I am a camper owner and I would like to know how to park during the Kaysersberg Christmas market.
A: You will find all the information you need in the section "getting around / parking" on the page "campers"


Q: I will come by car, where can I park during the Kaysersberg Christmas market ?
A: You will find all the information you need in the section “getting around / parking” on the page "shuttle buses and parking in Kaysersberg" 


Q: I am planning a trip for a group during the Christmas markets and I would like to organize a guided tour / organize a lunch / find accomodation.
A: We invite you to fill out this form for us, available by clicking here


Q: Do you have restaurant addresses ?

A: You can find the list of all the restaurants in the Kaysersberg Valley by clicking here


Q: I am looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Which ones will be opened ?
A: Click here to find the list of the restaurants opened during holiday season.


Q: I would like to visit a wine cellar. Where can I go ?
A: We recommend that you visit one of the “Caves de Noël” (Christmas wine cellars) : they offer a lot of different activities during the Christmas markets. You will find all the information in our calendar.


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