Bakery Kieffer

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    50Rue du Général Dufieux


    Special breads (cheese, beer,...) Home made pastries. Brie au kirsch, blueberries cakes, fruits cakes, specialities oft he valley and different breads.
    Closed on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday. Open some bank holidays.
    Kit for sangria "Sangri Well" (Aperitif based on red fruit juices, dried fruits and liquor of violet).

    Le logement


    Equipements intérieurs

    Free wi-fi
    Disabled access

    Equipements extérieurs

    Ski room
    Garage à vélos fermé
    Motorbike garage
    Free parking for cars
    Paid parking for cars

    Equipements/Services pour les enfants


    Altitude (m)
    450 m
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